New Buffalo, Michigan


This proved to be a true vacation…relaxation, leisurely activities, ice cream, cook outs, pool time, beach time, long walks, exploring and the list goes on.

The town we stayed in, New Buffalo, is on the southeast tip of Lake Michigan. An Amtrak Station ran right through the town. Which, as you can imagine, was a dream come true for the two year old traveling with us. Little Owen was a ball of excitement every time he heard that train whistle. It is one of those memories that we will continue to talk about, even when he is an adult, lol.



Cottage Moe:

We stayed in the Merchant Street Cottages (link above). A perfect location. The kids had space outside of the house to run around and ride their bikes safely. Plus, we had a community pool right outside our door. The cottage was decorated beautifully, but still so kid friendly! The owner of the home had everything we could have needed, from a child sized bed, extra beach towels, and a high chair. The owner was even sweet enough to leave us some special Michigan popcorn for us to enjoy.


Some of the places for visited in New Buffalo:

Nancy’s Ice Cream

Equilibrium Fitness (Misty and I took a Barre Class)

New Buffalo Library

Galien River County Park (Splash pad a cute park across the street from the entrance of this amazing park)

(Galien River County Park)

Warren Dunes State Park

(Warren Dunes State Park)


Villa Nova Pizza

Dooley’s Lake House Pub

David’s Deli & Coffee

Ghost Isle Brewery

Beer Church Brewing Co.

** Side Note: The two above breweries were cute and offered a fun menu and atmosphere, BUT they were out of so much of their beers and menu selections. It seemed like they hadn’t figured out how to run their business under the high volume of people coming to the area.

Some places we visited in near-by towns:

Froehlich’s Bakery & Restaurant, Three Oaks, Michigan. Amazing!!!

Collector Zown, Three Oaks, Michigan. This was a small store front selling unique figurines and collection items, I only mention it because it was Levi’s favorite spot and he stopped by at least three times during the week to look at all the collectables.

St. Joseph’s, Michigan. Tons of stuff to do for kids: children’s museum, carousal, splash pad, and the beach. Plus, a large walkable town. Unfortunately, the day we were there the beach area lost electricity. But, it was fun to walk around. Definitely worth the trip up.

(St. Joseph’s)

Just some more fun pictures!




This trip was a perfect way to end the summer!

♥♥♥ Fingers crossed next year the Strege’s will join us!! ♥♥♥

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