2018 BOOKS!

This year I have made a commitment to reading! I do enjoy it, but in years past I could never find the time (or declined to find the time).

I will list the books below that I have read with a short review of the book. ENJOY!

The Alice Network. Kate Quinn. LOVE! What an amazing story. This author did an wonderful job of building these characters and taking you through their journey. She was able to successfully show how lives of individuals can be intertwined.

Do Not Become Alarmed. Maile Melay. This book was not my favorite. It left me feeling sad and disappointed.

A Column of Fire. Ken Follett. FANTASTIC! His books are beyond amazing. Love them all!

In a Dark, Dark Wood. Ruth Ware. I think I enjoyed this book better then her ‘The Woman in Cabin 10. Definitely suspenseful, but I felt like I knew who was behind the whole thing from the start. Just call me Nancy Drew, lol. Definitely a good book if you like a little mystery in your life.

Little Fires Everywhere. Celeste NgThis book was so thought provoking. Because of this book I am determined to join a book club. All I wanted to do was talk about this book and get others views and thoughts.

Maestra. L.S. Hilton. Yikes. I am not even sure what to say about this one. The book was not terrible, it kept me intrigued. I have however, come to the conclusion I must a prude due to the fact it is difficult for me to review {insert laughter}.  I would say its like Gone Girl meets a darker version of Fifty Shades with a dash of Girl on the Train… This book is part of a trilogy. It intrigued me enough that I will eventually read the remaining two books, but maybe not just yet.

The Woman in Cabin 10. Ruth Ware. I did enjoy this. Easy, quick read that has suspense. To be honest I was a little scared and had some difficulty sleeping, lol! It was not as good as Girl on a Train, but if you enjoyed that book you will like this one too.

Victoria. Daisy Goodwin. I love reading about the English Monarchy. It was entertaining and interesting, but slow. The last few chapters had all the passion I was looking for.


April, 2017

Not sure which one of my F’s to categorize this project under… I guess I’ll go with Fun, because it makes me happy and I did have fun recreating it!

I recently updated my office, and I have been looking for a small side table to showcase my mermaid lamp that my mom bought me for nurses week 😍

I found this beauty at my parents… She hasn’t used it in years… So I decided to give it new life…

**Benny helping me sand down the table… Don’t mind that he is covered in dirt… This kid plays hard 😀**

Ok, fast forward and here is the finished project…

A little sand paper and gold spray paint has helped this outdated and unused table become a brand new piece ❤️ It fits my mermaid perfectly!