Wow! This has been quite a year thus far. Starting in mid-March our country announced a pandemic related to a new virus called COVID-19. Starting March 13 Ohio schools were moved to distance learning, business and office buildings began to close, most states mandated a stay at home order. This meant people were instructed to stay in their homes, unless there was an emergency, need for food or work was a necessity. It also included a new phrase that is now heard everywhere “social distancing”, meaning all people in the public were instructed to remain 6 feet apart and wear masks to decrease the spread of the virus. This has left our economy and country in a constant roller coaster effect, not only financially but emotionally. I pray for all of those effected by this pandemic.

Due to all of these circumstances we made the decision to cancel our long awaited permanent camping spot at the KOA Thompson/Grand River. Our governor did not officially open campgrounds to full capacity until May 21, and our down payment needed to be paid by early May. With the unknown of the future we made the decision to cancel our site and be put on the waiting list for next year.

On May 21, when the governor made the announcement allowing campgrounds to open to full capacity I called immediately, our permanent site was lost but we were still able to schedule some trips out!

We are looking forward to our first camping trip of the season next week!

Stay safe friends. We love you all and thank you for following our adventures.


The Pollaks

Below are a couple pictures from our quarantine.

IMG_7977IMG_7812 2



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