Welcome back to Thompson / Grand River KOA

What a great first trip out. The weather was perfect (a bit chilly at night though). We went out on a Sunday and stayed through a Friday, probably our longest trip out ever. I had a few visitors out this time as well, which made the trip extra special.

One of the best hacks I came up with this time was make ahead breakfast burritos. I loaded soft tortillas shells with eggs and cheese, allowed them to cool, and wrapped them each in foil, and stuck them in the freezer (which we have in the camper). The next morning I took them directly out from the freezer, placed them onto the grill, and heated them until they were warm. The trick to these is adding the cheese and any fixings when the eggs are completely cool, this will allow the cheese to be freshly melted when you reheat them. Huge success, will definitely do this again in a bigger batch. Oh… and those cinnamon rolls pictured below didn’t turn out as I had hoped, I am still trying to find ways to bake on a grill.

We spent one of the days at Geneva-on-the-lake, which is about a 30 minute drive from the campgrounds. We first headed to the beach. Surprisingly, the water was freezing, even my boys couldn’t handle the tempture. We spent the afternoon bumming around the beach, searching for sea glass, exploring, and enjoying the view. Next, we headed down to the strip, about a 5 minute drive from the beach. Most shops and restaurants were open. Of course, we had to stop at Madsen Donuts/ . Then ate lunch at Mary’s Kitchen /.

Oh and I can’t forget… Meet Clover, our new addition.

Since we stayed a little longer than usual I even squeezed in some workout time with my 1 pound weights for Barre Class using my Openfit App.


Lots of fun! Until next time…

Love, The Pollak’s

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