Let The Camping Season Begin!

It’s here! It’s here! Our first trip out this season has finally arrived. Can you tell we are excited?!?!

This was an extra special week here at the Pollak residence. My sister, brother, and their families visited from their homes in Arizona and Illinois. The week was filled with a lot of fun and love. My boys are so obsessed with their little cousins, they couldn’t get enough. My sister and her family went back a little early so they did not come camping with us, but I still had to include their sweet little family in this post.


Our first trip out this year was at our favorite campground, Grand River/Thompson KOA. As I mentioned last year, this place really has it all. They added a new swimming lake, stocked with rafts, mini kayaks, and a paddle boat. All of that is included, no extra charge to use these amenities. WARNING: Wildlife sightings included in this adventure. A little water snake decided to wander past me while I was taking a ride in a kayak {insert me yelling loudly and paddling like a wild woman back to shore}. We also saw the cutest little baby turtle, tons of tadpoles, and a family of geese.

This was my nephews first camping trip, and we all feel blessed to have experienced it with him. From the pool, to the lake, to the late night campfire sweets, he had an absolute blast.

On the Menu:

I went easy, per the usual.

Night #1:


  • Prepped scrabbled eggs with veggies, hash browns and bacon.

I prepped the eggs before we left. Something I have done in the past. I used two empty plastic Gerber Puffs containers this time instead of the plastic creamer containers I had used last time. They fit exactly a dozen eggs with two tablespoons of milk. I did tape around the top because the lid was not as sturdy as the creamer containers.

I have found prepping as much as I can ahead not only cuts down on the mess and time while out camping, but I am able to cut down on waste. I can generally bring the right amount of food, and don’t over pack unnecessary things.

Night #3

  • Mom’s meatballs and garlic bread!

These are so good. My mom pre-made a bunch of her homemade meatballs. We served them with good local store bought marinara and cheesy garlic bread. Perfect quick meal over the fire. I’ll see if she is willing to share her recipes for the blog 🙂

Of course we had to make a stop to Debonne Winery for some Bocci and Wine.

Can’t wait to make it out to this KOA again soon.

~ The Pollak’s




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