In the Woods.

We ventured to a new location for this trip out! Lock 30 Woodlands. Set in the middle of a pine forest, surrounded by an old Ohio Canal Lock, with plenty of hiking space and fresh air. A little more rustic then I am used to, with a lot more bugs then the usual, but it was so peaceful and serene. The campground was clean, well maintained and the staff was so friendly! Called us all by name by day two.


I tried a Pinterest hack and prepped scrambled eggs in an emptied creamer container. In the picture below, I used a small size creamer container. It only fit 9 eggs with added milk. I did not add salt and pepper until I was ready to cook the eggs over the fire. This was a nice shortcut and saved the mess of cracking the eggs while at the camper.

The Woodlands had a huge pool! Ben can officially swim on his own and Levi was doing dives and front flips off of the edge!

The campground is located in Lisbon, Ohio. A tiny town right next to Salem, Ohio. The town had some cute Ohio historical landmarks and sightseeing opportunities.

This was an extended stay, so unfortunately, I didn’t get crazy with planning creative meals. I did though make an interesting and delicious pudgy pie concoction.

I had a bunch of extra berries, I coated them with a cinnamon and sugar mixture, and mixed in white chocolate chips. Make sure to add plenty of butter to each side of these cast iron pie makers, they burn easily (because you set them directly into the fire). Next time, I am going to try adding lemon zest, fresh herbs, and maybe even brie cheese instead of the chocolate chips. Oh, I am so fancy…lol.  The possibilities with these things are endless.

Note: In all of these pictures Ben is not wearing a shirt or shoes, this kid is half cave man. We joke that he is training at an early age to be on the show ‘Naked and Afraid’. He will be the guy that stays 40+ days.

Lots of fun and great memories. Thanks Lock 30 Woodlands!


On to the next adventure…

The Pollak’s.



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