Shelby for the WIN!

We love this campground so much! Each time we go, we find something new to add to the list of reasons why it is our favorite. IMG_4460

We traveled with friends this time out and stayed on the opposite side of the campground than we normally stay. The kids played in the pond area more than anywhere else on the grounds. They spent their time catching tadpoles, minnows, frogs, even a small fish with their nets. It was a highlight for me. Watching all the kids work together and chase the fish around the pond…it was a complete joy to capture this memory.




My donuts were a success and so easy! I used Pillsbury Grand Biscuits, cut a hole in the middle to make the donut shape, then deep fried them over the fire. Immediatly after taking the donuts out of the oil I sprinkled a premade cinnamon sugar mixture generous topping over the top. So good!


The kids have been obsessed with making popcorn every night at home. I found this cool popcorn popper at World Market for over the campfire. It worked great and was easy to clean.



(This is the one we use at home, it is amazing.)

It was so special to enjoy this trip with our close friends. We all loved camping together back in college, so it was amazing to share this together with our families. All the kids got a long so great too.



See you in July!

The Pollaks


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