September Camping

Ok… Yes, it is December and I am writing about September… ~insert excuses~.

This will be a memory post.

For our last trip out this season we went to Clay’s Park. Clay’s Park hosts the annual Yankee Peddler Festival on their campgrounds. It is filled with fried treats, homemade goods and foods, face-painting, etc. Lots of space for the kids to run around while the parents enjoy a cold beverage.

This was a last minute trip, so we didn’t go all out with the food.

I did experiment with a take on a grilled ham and cheese. Often, grilling bread directly on the fire grill, the bread burns. So, I wrapped the sandwiches individually in foil, using a lot butter for added moisture (and flavor.) They worked out well. The nice thing about these, if you are like me and enjoy preparing as much as you can before you even leave the house, you can have these ready to go the night before.

We also made baked potatoes. Surprising, I don’t think we have made these yet. Levi was big in watching the Boxcar Children on Netflix. The kids make baked potatoes over their fire with glasses of cold milk. The potatoes came out perfect, but Levi wouldn’t try them.


I just poked holes into the potatoes using a fork, placed each potato onto a single piece of foil. Pour a good amount of olive oil on to potato and roll to coat completely, sprinkle with salt and pepper and wrap them tightly. I placed each potato directly into the fire, rotating every five minutes or so. Cook until fork tender, about 30 minutes.

I do enjoy this campground, BUT I dislike how seasonal sites (and loud 2am partiers) are mixed in with the rentable sites. The facilities are clean and they even have an indoor pool. Which is perfect for camping in September, because most campgrounds have already closed up their outdoor pools, plus September Ohio weather is always a gamble.

I won’t cross this campground off my list but I only plan on going in September and October, as an add on camping trip.

My mom and I have already starting talking about booking some trips for this summer.

I love enjoying every second of Christmas and New Years, but I also love talking about our future summer plans. This year we plan on venturing out of Ohio and booking a trip at the Fremont, Indiana Jellystone Park. What makes this trip even more exciting is we are coaxing my brother, his wife and my nephew to join us! It is a perfect half way point from Chicago. Baby Owen will be 1 years old and will have blast!!


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